Are you tired of shaving your our bikini area all the time? Are you satisfied with the results? Let's face it. A lot of women become frustrated when it comes to shaving the bikini area because they do not get great results. Shaving leaves the skin with black pinpoint stubble that may look like blackheads. Surely, you do not want to show this especially if you wear a bikini. It would look too outrageous! Fret not for Brazilian Wax is here to save the day! Here are six reasons why Brazilian wax is right for you.
- It gives you smoother skin.
Having a smooth skin after shaving remains elusive. This is because, in shaving, a small stubble is left on the hair. This makes the skin feel rough every time you touch it. This is not the case in Brazilian wax. The skin is very smooth because all of the hair is being pulled right from its root. Plucking the hair one by one also takes time. In Brazilian wax, a lot of hair is pulled in one strip.
- It lasts longer.
Hair regrowth after Brazilian wax is slow. Since hair is pulled right from its root, it needs time to recuperate. It needs at least ten days until it can grow again. Brazilian wax usually lasts from ten days to three weeks.
- It has lesser pain and thinner hair each time you do it.
When you undergo the procedure for the first time, it is a little painful. However, you will notice that as you have this done again the succeeding times, the pain lessens until it becomes unnoticeable for you. Aside from this, the hair that grows after Brazilian wax is thinner compared to its original thickness. It gets thin every time you undergo the procedure.
- It is affordable.
A lot of salons already offer affordable rates for Brazilian wax procedure since this is gaining a lot in its popularity. The price starts at $15. The prices may vary depending the place and the type of salon. Also, it is a value for your money because it gives good lasting results.
- It is hassle free.
You do not need to worry about your lower body area about its appearance for weeks. Unlike in shaving, you constantly feel an itch every time the hair grows back. Since shaving has very fast hair regrowth, you usually experience this itch a lot of times in a week. Also, a Brazilian wax is done once in two to three weeks. This will give you lesser trips to the salon.
- It boosts confidence.
Lastly, but most importantly, a Brazilian wax will boost your confidence. You can have that perfect bikini line that everyone is dying to have when you strut in your swimsuit in the beach. You will save yourself from embarrassments and worries about your skin. Also, a day in the beach is too precious for it to not to be enjoyed to the fullest just because of worries about whether you look in the bikini or not.



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    November 2013